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2018 Event 4 at CrossFit Gantry

Workouts 1 & 2

In 11 Minutes: (Scaled - In 14 Minutes:)
1500m Run
AMWAP Back Squats (move as much total cumulative weight as possible in the remaining time)

Your score for workout 1 will be your total combined run times.

Your score for workout 2 will be the total cumulative weight squatted by both athletes.

Movement Standards

Run: Each athlete runs 1500m. They will begin at the same time but do not have to run together. The first athlete to return from the run can load the squat bar, but may not begin squatting until their partner returns and tags them.

Back Squats: Standard back squat with barbell on back, where the athlete passes through the bottom with hip crease visibly below the top of the patella before coming to full knee and hip extension. Each athlete must declare the weight they will squat prior to the start of workout 1, and may only squat that weight for workout 2.  The weight doesn’t have to be the same for each partner (partners can swap lifting and the bar can be loaded and unloaded for that at any time.)

Workout 3

AMRAP in 18 Minutes:
3 Rope Climbs, 15 ft.
15 Dumbbell Cleans, 2x45/25 lbs
15 Box Jumps, 30/24 in.

Alternate athlete after each complete round.

Scaled Division

AMRAP in 18 Minutes:
6 Rope Pull-Ups
15 Dumbbell Cleans, 2x25/15 lbs
15 Box Jumps, 24/20 in. (Step-Ups allowed)

Alternate athlete after each complete round.

Movement Standards

Rope Climb: Rx athletes must ring the bell at 15', and descend past the 10' tape mark before dropping down for each rep to count.  Any foot wrap style is acceptable. 

Dumbbell Clean: Each rep begins with one head of each dumbbell in contact with the ground, and ends with both dumbbells in contact with the shoulder above the collarbones and athlete at full knee and hip extension. Muscle, power, and squat cleans are acceptable.

Box Jump: The box jump is standard two foot take off and landing before reaching full knee and hip extension atop the box. Athletes may bound down or step down as desired. Scaled division athletes may perform step-ups; in that case they must begin each rep with both feet on the ground, and end each rep at full knee and hip extension with both feet on top of the box.

Rope Pull-Up: Each rep begins with the athlete hanging from the pull-up bar with arms fully extended.  Athlete must lock the rope around their feet in a S- or J-wrap, and use the assistance of their lock to pull their chin over the horizontal plane of the pull-up bar.  Athletes may stay hanging, but must unwrap their feet after every rep and rewrap.

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