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2018 Event 3 at CrossFit Queens

Workouts 1 & 2

On a 20:00 running clock:

0:00-5:00 —
For Time: 1000m Row, Athlete 1

5:00-15:00 —
 - 5 Pull-Ups (Scaled: Jumping Pull-Ups)
- 7 Hang Power Cleans, 115/80 lbs (Scaled: 80/55 lbs)
 - 9 Box Jump-Overs, 24/20 in. (Scaled: Step-Overs allowed)

For Time: 1000m Row, Athlete 2

Your score on Event 1 will be your times for each 1000m row added together.

Your score on Event 2 will be the total rounds + reps your team completes for the AMRAP.

If an athlete fails to complete the 1000m row within 5 minutes, team will receive a 1 minute penalty added to their total row time.

During the AMRAP, athletes will alternate after each complete round.

Movement Standards

Row: The rower will start at 1000m and count down.  The athlete will be credited with the time the rower reads when it reaches 0m.

Pull-Ups: These are standard chin-over-bar pull-ups.  The athlete must begin every rep hanging from the bar with full arm extension.  The athlete's chin must clearly break the horizontal plane of the pull-up bar at the top of every rep.  Strict, kipping, and butterfly pull-ups are all permissible as long as those standards are met.

Jumping Pull-Ups: Athletes will set up a box at a height such that the pull-up bar bisects their forearm when their arms are overhead. Each rep begins with arms fully extended (knees and hips bent,) and ends with the athlete's chin fully clearing the vertical plane of the pull-up bar.

Hang Power Clean: Each rep begins with the bar in the hang position between hips and knees.  The athlete must pause in the hang position prior to completing their first hang power clean each round -- they may not take the bar from the floor to the front rack without pausing.  The athlete must clean the bar to the front rack.  Each rep must end with full knee and hip extension, and elbows in front of the bar. Squat cleans, power cleans, and muscle cleans will all be permitted as long as the athlete begins in the hang, and finished completely standing up with elbows in front of the bar.

Box Jump-Over: The athlete must jump on and over the box.  Both feet must go over (and not around) the top of the box. The athlete may contact the box, and does not have to reach full hip extension on the top of it. The athlete must take off from the ground and land on the box with two feet.  The athlete may pivot in the air or on top of the box, but must start each jump facing the box (lateral jumping will not be permitted.) Rx athletes must jump; scaled athletes will be allowed to step over the box as long as both feet pass over the top of the box.

Workout 3

For Time:
100 Bench Press, 135/95 lbs (Scaled: 95/65 lbs)

Each minute on the minute, beginning at 0:00, complete 10 burpees to a 25 lb plate. Alternate athletes every minute.

Time Cap: 10 Minutes.

DNF Scoring: Teams will receive a 1 second penalty for each bench press not completed at the time cap.

Movement Standards

Bench Press: The bench must be perpendicular to the rack.  The athlete must lie with head, shoulders, and butt in contact with the bench surface.  Contact must be maintained throughout each rep.  The barbell must be taken off the rack at full arm lockout.  Each rep begins with arms fully locked out above chest. The barbell must touch the chest and return to full lockout for the rep to be complete.  Each rep must be completely locked out before the barbell is returned to the rack.

Burpee To Plate: The athlete must perform a burpee facing their plate, touching their chest completely to the ground. The athlete must then jump onto the plate.  The athlete must take off from the ground and land on the plate with two feet, and must reach full hip and knee extension on top of the plate.

Workout 4

For Time:
800m Partner Run with medicine ball, 20/14 lbs to 10/9 ft. (Scaled: 14/10 lbs)
150 Wall Balls, 20/14 lbs to 10/9 ft. (Scaled: 14/10 lbs)

Time Cap: 12 Minutes.

Teams will have one medicine ball and can hand it off between them as needed during the run. Teams can also alternate athletes as needed during the wall balls, but the ball must not touch the ground: the penalty for the medicine ball touching the ground is 10 synchronized air squats with one athlete holding the medicine ball.

DNF Scoring: Teams will receive a 1 second penalty for each wall ball not completed at the time cap.

Movement Standards

Run: The last athlete to return from the run must tag the first athlete inside the gym before wall ball can begin.

Wall Ball:  The athlete begins with the ball on the floor then passes through bottom of a squat with hip crease below parallel to the knees. The rep is complete when the mass of the ball touches anywhere above the prescribed target line.

Synchronized Air Squat: Both athletes must reach the bottom of each squat with hip crease below parallel to the knees at the same time, and reach full knee and hip extension at the top of each squat at the same time.

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