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2018 Event 1 at CrossFit South Brooklyn

Workout 1: Double Trouble Chipper

Relay For Time:
50 Double-Unders
25 Thrusters
50 Double-Unders
20 Thrusters
50 Double-Unders
15 Thrusters
50 Double-Unders
10 Thrusters

Time Cap: 15 Minutes.

Male Team Weights
Rx: 95 lbs
Scaled: 65 lbs; 100 Single-Unders per round

Female Team Weights
Rx: 65 lbs
Scaled: 45 lbs; 100 Single-Unders per round

Partners alternate each round until the chipper has been completed by both individuals. (Partner A completes 50/25, Partner B completes 50/25 etc...)

There will be a designated competition area that only one athlete may be inside of at any time. Teams will tag their partner back in at the completion of each round.

If the workout is not completed within the time cap, a 1 second penalty per incomplete rep will be applied to the team's final score.

Movement Standards

Double/Single-Unders: The rope passes under the athlete’s feet twice on a single bounce for a double under, or once for a single under. Athletes may have their own ropes.

Thrusters: Standard thruster where the athlete passes through the bottom of a front squat (with hip crease visibly below the top of the kneecap) before moving the barbell in one motion (no jerks) to a fully locked out position overhead (with knees, hips, and elbows fully extended and the barbell in a position over the middle of the athlete’s body). Any rep from the floor may begin with a full/squat clean.

Workout 2: Heavy 10

In 10 Minutes, find a max load for each athlete of the complex:
5 Deadlifts
1 Hang Clean
3 Front Squats
1 Shoulder-to-Overhead

Teams will have ten minutes to attempt a max load on the barbell complex. Each athlete can take as many attempts as desired within the ten minute window with only reps completed before the ten minute mark counting. The teams score will be the sum of each partner’s best lifts.

Workout Rules

  • If the athlete moves or steps anywhere outside the designated lifting area at any point it will count as a missed rep.
  • An attempt can only be started when the non-lifting partner is standing in the designated waiting area
  • Both partners may assist in loading the bar
  • Each team will get one barbell and one platform with plates up to 315 pounds (if any team requires more weight we can accommodate)
  • Weight increases can only be made in 5 lb increments
  • Women’s teams will use a 33 lb bar which will be rounded to 35 lb while men’s teams will use a 45 lb bar.
  • Hands remain on the bar for the entire complex. Athletes may not re-grip the bar in any way while the bar is on the floor.
  • The lift is disqualified if any part of the body other than the feet touch the floor at any point.
  • All teams will reset the competition area’s weights at the completion of their 10 minute window.

Movement Standards

Deadlift: Standard deadlift, no sumo. Both plates must touch the ground at the same time. Lifter must come to full knee and hip extension at the top of the reps. Once started the athlete may not re-grip the bar in any way while it’s on the floor. These must be touch and go reps.

Hang Clean: For the hang position, the barbell may begin from anywhere above the kneecap. Any version of a hang clean (muscle, power, full/squat) can be performed. If the athlete performs a full/squat clean it does not count as their first front squat, they must still perform three additional front squats.

Front Squat: Standard front squat where the athlete passes through the bottom with hip crease visibly below the top of the patella before coming to full knee and hip extension. The hands must remain in the “clean grip” position.

Shoulder-To-Overhead: Any version of taking the barbell from the shoulder to overhead (press, push press, push/split/squat jerk) is acceptable as long as the rep finishes with the lifter in a fully locked out position overhead with knees, hips, and elbows fully extended and the barbell in a position over the middle of the athlete’s body. The lift is complete when the bar is locked out overhead under control and the judge gives the “Down” command.

Workout 3: Synchro AMRAP

AMRAP in 15 Minutes:
30 Synchro Calories Rowed
25 Synchro Burpee-Box Jumps
20 Synchro Dumbbell Snatches

Male Team Weights
Rx: 24” Box, 50 lbs Dumbbell
Scaled: 24” Box (Step-Ups allowed), 35 lbs Dumbbell

Female Team Weights
Rx: 20” Box, 35 lbs Dumbbell
Scaled: 20” Box (Step-Ups allowed), 20 lbs Dumbbell

Movement Standards

Row: Both partners must remained seated on their rowing machines until both monitors read 30 calories. Damper may be set as desired.

Burpee-Box Jump: Both partners must have their chest on the ground at the same time in order for the rep to start. Athletes may sprawl or step in and out of the burpee. The box jump is standard two foot take off and landing before reaching full knee and hip extension atop the box. All athletes may bound down or step down as desired. Partners do not have to reach extension atop the box at the same time. If an athlete does not meet the any of the movement requirements during the box jump, both athletes will need to perform just the box jump portion of the rep again.

Dumbbell Snatch: Rep starts with both heads of the DB touching the ground at the same time and is completed at full extension with the DB locked out overhead. Both partners must achieve the locked out position overhead together in order for the rep to count. The touch at the ground does not need to be synchronized but both athletes must move through one motion to the overhead position (no clean and jerks). The hand transition must happen on the floor. You may two-arm the DB back down but the transition from hand to hand must still happen on the floor. Athletes must control the DBs back to the floor. Dropping a dumbbell from above the knees will result in a no rep, and both partners will need to re perform the rep.

Later Event: September 23
2018 Event 2 at CrossFit Virtuosity