2017 Event 2: CrossFit Queens

2017 Event 2: CrossFit Queens

Workouts 1 & 2: Fast & Furious

In 15 Minutes —
800m Run
AMRAP in Remaining Time:
- 7 Thrusters, 95/65/45#
- 7 Lateral Burpees-Over-Bar
- 7 Pull-Ups

Each team will begin the workout by running 800m.  Your score for Workout #1 will be the time at which your slowest team member returns from the run.

As soon as the slowest teammate returns from the run, the team will begin the AMRAP, and continue until 15 minutes is up.  Each teammate must complete a full round before alternating. Your team score for Workout #2 will be the rounds and reps both teammates complete on the AMRAP.

Movement Standards

Thrusters:  The barbell begins on the floor.  The athlete must clean the barbell to begin his or her reps.  The first rep may be squat cleaned. The athlete must pass through a full depth squat with hip crease below knee at the bottom of each rep, and reach full knee, hip, shoulder, and elbow extension with the barbell over the middle of their feet at the top of each rep.  

Lateral Burpees-Over-Bar: The athlete must perform a burpee parallel to the barbell, touching their chest completely to the ground. The athlete must then jump over the barbell.  The athlete must take off from the ground and land on the ground with two feet. Full hip extension is not required.

Pull-Ups: These are standard chin-over-bar pull-ups.  The athlete must begin every rep hanging from the bar with full arm extension.  The athlete's chin must clearly break the horizontal plane of the pull-up bar at the top of every rep.  Strict, kipping, and butterfly pull-ups are all permissible as long as those standards are met.

Workout 3: Pain & Gain

AMRAP in 2 Minutes:
Bench Press

Male Team Weights
Rx: 185lbs
Scaled: 135lbs

Female Team Weights
Rx: 105lbs
Scaled: 75lbs

Teammates spot each other and can alternate at any time.  Team score is total reps completed by both team members in 2 minutes.

Movement Standards

Bench Press: The bench must be perpendicular to the rack.  The athlete must lie with head, shoulders, and butt in contact with the bench surface.  Contact must be maintained throughout each rep.  The barbell must be taken off the rack at full arm lockout.  Each rep begins with arms fully locked out above chest. The barbell must touch the chest and return to full lockout for the rep to be complete.  Each rep must be completely locked out before the barbell is returned to the rack.

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2017 Event 1: CrossFit Gantry

2017 Event 1: CrossFit Gantry

Workout 1: 3333 Intervals

As a Team of 2, 4 Rounds for Total Squat Cleans:
In 3 Minutes —
- 3 Rope Climbs, 15' [Scaled: 3 Rope Climbs, 10' OR 9 Rope Pulls From Floor]
- 20/15 Calorie Row
- AMRAP Squat Cleans
Rest 1 Minute

Squat Clean Weights
Men's Rx / Women's Rx and Men's Scaled / Women's Scaled
Round 1: 135/95/65 lbs
Round 2: 165/115/75 lbs
Round 3: 185/135/85 lbs
Round 4: 205/145/95 lbs

On the call of 3-2-1 Go, athletes will have 3 minutes to perform 3 rope climbs, 20/15 cal row and max rep squat cleans.  They will then have a 1 minute period to change the weight on their bar.  At the end of 1 minute, they will repeat the cycle with the heavier weights. 

Score is total squat cleans. Work can be divided between partners in any way - there is no minimum work requirement on any movement.

Movement Standards

Rope Climb:  Rx athletes must ring the bell at 15', and descend past the 10' tape mark before dropping down for each rep to count; scaled athletes must touch the tape at 10'. Scaled athletes may substitute 3 rope pulls from the floor for each 10' rope climb.  Any foot wrap style is acceptable. The athletes can split the rope climbs however they would like.  If switching partners, the partner #1 must have both feet on the ground and hands off the rope before  partner #2 begins their climb.

Row: The partner who is starting the row may sit on the rower and strap in but cannot pick up the handle until they are tagged by their partner after the 3rd rope climb. The damper setting can be wherever the individual would like it set.  

Squat Clean: Both partners will advance towards the barbell together: the non-rowing partner may not advance forward out of the pull up rig until their partner is OFF the rower.  The bar must start from the ground.  The athlete must pass through a full squat and finish with their hips and knees fully extended.  Touch and go, dropping from the top, and a power clean + front squat combination are all allowed.  If switching partners, the bar must come to a complete rest before picking up the bar. 

Workout 2: Sandbag Relay

For Time:
100m Sandbag Carry, Partner #1
100m Sandbag Carry, Partner #2

Male Team Weights
Rx: 140lbs
Scaled: 100lbs

Female Team Weights
Rx: 100lbs
Scaled: 60lbs

Time Cap: 4 Minutes.

Partner #1 will carry the sandbag down 50 m and back 50 m.  Partner #1 can handoff the sandbag to Partner #2 or drop it and Partner #2 lifts it off the ground.  Partner #2 will then travel 50m down and back.

The score is the total time to finish, OR if 200m is not complete by the 4:00 time cap, score is 4:00 plus 1 second for every 5 meters remaining.  For example, if Partner #2 goes down 50 m and only gets halfway back (25m) by the 4:00 time cap their time will be 4:05.

Movement Standards

Sandbag Carry: The sandbag must be carried in a bear hug and cannot be shouldered or carried overhead or on the back.

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