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2016 Event 1, Workout 1: "Killer Kage Redux"

  • CrossFit Virtuosity 98 Bayard Street Brooklyn, NY 11222 (map)

This workout will be run elimination-style.  The top male and female athletes in each division will proceed to the semi-final round; the top 4 athletes in each division after the semi-final round proceed to the finals.  Therefore top athletes will complete this workout 2 or 3 times.


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Rx Division

For Time:
7 Front Squats, 155/105#
250m Row
24’ Rig Traverse

Time Cap: 3 Minutes

Scaled Division

For Time:
7 Front Squats, 95/65#
250m Row
12’ Rig Traverse (2x6’ Traverses)

Time Cap: 3 Minutes

Movement Standards

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Front Squat
The barbell must be cleaned from the ground to the rack position to begin the first rep.  Squat cleans will be permitted for the first rep.  On every rep, the athlete must break parallel at the bottom of their squat, and open their knees and hips completely at the top of their squat.

The rower will start at zero and count up.  The athlete must not release the rower handle or remove their feet from the rower until their display has reached 250m (i.e. you will not get credit for rollover meters once you release the handle.)

Rig Traverse
The athlete will begin with one of their hands in contact with the starting rig upright.  While their hand is in contact with the starting rig upright, they will step off a box and hang from the rig.  They must then move across the rig: hands and feet may both be used; distance covered counts as long as the athlete doesn't touch the ground.  If the athlete falls off the rig or otherwise touches the ground, they must go back to the previous rig section to begin the remainder of their traverse.  Each rig section (3-4' wide) will count as 1 rep for the purposes of scoring.  The Rx division will climb across our 24' long rig. Scaled athletes will climb across two 6' long sections, dropping off in the middle.

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